Del Maguey Wild Tepextate – Vino de Mezcal - 750ml


Extremely hard to obtain.


100% Wild Maguey Tepextate


Our producer of Tobala has offered Del Maguey another rare wild agave – the Tepextate (agave Marmorata) to join our Vino De Mezcal series. This plant has very broad twisted leaves about eight to ten inches wide and grows at high altitude almost vertical out of rocks in the sides of mountains. Tepextate offers a lighter body with a Bright candied fruit nose of banana taffy and spun sugar. The sweetness carries into the palate with notes of passion fruit and marzipan. A light cinnamon note of canela (organic Mexican sugar) lies in the background with floral notes of honeysuckle.

  • Production Notes

    • Village: Santa Maria Albarradas
    • Palenquero: Martinez Cruz, Leopoldino Miranda
    • State: Oaxaca
    • Region: Sierra Norte
    • Maguey: Tepextate
    • Agave Species: A. marmorata
    • Age of Maguey: 18-25 years
    • Elevation: 1700 M (5577 feet)
    • Roast Duration: 15 days
    • Type of Wood: Oak
    • Milling: Molino, Horse
    • Size of Tinas: 1400 L
    • Fermentation Duration: 5-7 days
    • Water Source: Spring
    • Still Type: Copper
    • Still Size: 350 L
    • ABV of Mezcal: 45%


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Expiry Date: 16 October 2022

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