Mezcal Del Maguey Santa Domingo Albarradas - 750ml

Mezcal Del Maguey Santa Domingo Albarradas - 750ml


Albarradas has a high light nose with lots of citrus overtones. A bit of roasted pear too. Lots of tropical fruit on the tongue, spicy and woody with a clean dry finish.


Santo Domingo Albarradas is located in the Mixe (pronounced Mee-Hay) region south of Oaxaca. The Mixe is a high altitude tropical zone closely resembling parts of Hawaii. Tropical plants and fruits grow here beside rushing mountain streams. Cool gray mists blow through the valleys and pine trees also grow nearby. The water here is spectacular! Espiridion Morales Luis and his son Juan are our Palenqueros. Espiridion has been making Mezcal since the Fifties. He is soft spoken and sincere which reflects in the honesty of his mezcal.

    • Production Notes

      Production Notes

      • Village: Santo Domingo Albarradas
      • Palenquero: Espiridion Morales Luis, Juan Morales Luis, Armando Morales Luis, Ester Morales Luis
      • State: Oaxaca
      • Region: Valles Centrales
      • Maguey: Espadin
      • Agave Species: A. angustifolia haw
      • Age of Maguey: 8-10 years
      • Elevation: 1480 M (4855 feet)
      • Roast Duration: 4-8 days
      • Type of Wood: Oak
      • Milling: Molino, Horse
      • Size of Tinas: 2300 L
      • Fermentation Duration: 10-12 days
      • Water Source: Spring
      • Still Type: Copper
      • Still Size: 350 L
      • ABV of Mezcal: 48%


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