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Soltado Spicy Anejo - 50ml

Soltado Spicy Anejo - 50ml


28-month añejo tequila

Infused with locally grown serrano peppers and cinnamon

Premium añejo flavour with a spicy, energizing kick and a smooth finish

The only añejo infusion on the market


At Soltado, our mission is simple: create the best products and bring people unique, exciting experiences. Every step of our tequila-making process has been refined to deliver on these principles. We found a craft distillery that combines traditional and modern methods and incorporated our innovative ideas to bring you the evolution of tequila. After years of searching for the best ingredients and perfecting our formula, we're proud to present our launch product.

  • About Soltado

    Our distillery is one of only two tequila co-ops in Mexico and is owned by all 80 of the agave farmers in Juanacatlán, a town in the midlands of the tequila-producing state of Jalisco. These farmers select only the very best from their harvests for tequila production. As a result, the agave that our distillery starts with, and the tequila it becomes, is unlike any other in the world of tequila – it's the only one that has the specific taste profile of an agave from this region.


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