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Tradición Chagoya - Los Cuerudos Joven Espadin

Tradición Chagoya - Los Cuerudos Joven Espadin


CATEGORY: Young/Joven.TYPE OF AGAVE: Espadín (angustifolia haw).MASTER PALENQUERO: Petronilo Rosario Altamirano.ZONE: Las Margaritas, San Pedro Totolapam, Oaxaca, MX.CONTENT: Bottled in origin in a bottle of 750 ml.SIGHT: Crystalline with pearls that show its rich alcoholic balance.SMELL: Fruits and Citric notes are perceived among the characteristic aromas of cooked agave.TASTE: Sweet citric tones are distinct in the palate, followed by earthy and smoky in the backup.100% AGAVEALCOHOLIC GRADE: 43%OVEN: Undergound Conical river rock oven.GRINDING: Mill, circular stone pulled by horse.FERMENTATION: In wooden Cyprus tubs (árbol ahuehuetemexicano).DISTILLATION: Double distillation in copper stills.STABILITY: According to the standards of quality of TraditionChagoya.

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    Los Cuerudos of the south mountain range of the State of Oaxaca were an armed revolutionary group, called that for their custom of using
    bright and elegant leather jackets. They are worthy ambassadors of the tradition, bravery and authenticity that characterizes Oaxacan mezcal.
    Jorge Chagoya, first link of the Tradition Chagoya, who at 17 years old converted in the principal producer of mezcal in Tlacolula, didn’t wait to join the ranks of Los Cuerudos in the south mountain range of the State, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the revolutionaries. Of Jorge nothing more was known just his legends, nevertheless his essence lasted during five generations, strengthening the brand Tradition
    Chagoya in the world.

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