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Mexi-Bev (N.Z) Limited is committed to the safe provision of alcohol in the community, in compliance with liquor sales legislation. As an Off-Licence remote seller it is our policy to promote end user health and safety practicably.


Minimum Purchase Age

You or your gift recipients must be 18 years of age or older.

Our website has age verification at point of ordering.


Minimum Age to Receive Alcohol

Persons actually receiving the alcohol must be aged 18 or over.

We will only use couriers with signature required service.



We will not deliver to anyone intoxicated, and alcohol will only be delivered between the hours of 7am to 11pm Monday to Sunday.
No alcohol will be delivered on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or before 1pm on Anzac Day. 
To review the terms of the delivery licence click here.

Serve with Food

We encourage the responsible enjoyment of alcohol. Whenever you're providing alcohol serve food that stays in the body longer - eg. make a batch of burritos or quesadillas to share.  


Water and Low Alcohol Drinks

Have plenty of water, non alcoholic drinks and low alcohol drinks readily available when serving and entertaining. Check the sugar content on soft and fruit drinks - sugar can be unhealthy.


Serving Responsibly and Avoiding Intoxication

Take it easy - aim for no more than one standard drink per hour. Have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks. Only refill empty glasses. Do not serve intoxicated persons. It is helpful to appoint a bartender who can moderate the pours and keep an eye on consumption.


What is a Standard Drink?

A standard drink is how much alcohol the average person can process in one hour. You can’t speed this process up, and your body can only deal with one drink at a time.

The time your body takes to process alcohol does depend on several other factors like your age, weight and health condition. As a general guideline however, the following standards can be used:

1 shot 40% Spirit = 1 Standard Drink

330ml bottle 4% Beer = 1 Standard Drink


Avoid alcohol during pregnancy. Stop drinking alcohol if there is any chance you may be pregnant.


Safe Transportation

Don't drink and drive! Use a bus, train or cab or choose a designated driver when going out. Do provide alternative transport solutions, make taxi contact details and dial a driver contacts prominent when you're the host. Uber is another solution.

Policy updated: 21 September 2022


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