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Acre Mezcal Cenizo

Acre Mezcal Cenizo


Acre Mezcal Cenizo is harvested from the wild and has a medium nose and complex taste with a light, smooth finish. The flavour contains spicy, peppery notes with an earthy texture and even a slightly lactic smell.


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  • Tasting Notes

    • Medium nose and complex palate with a clean finish.

    • Dry and earthy texture, like the desert dust beneath your feet.

    • Hints of sweetness on the nose reminiscent of fresh baked maple sugar cookies.

    • Spicy, peppery notes of fresh chopped jalapeños with a slightly lactic smell of queso fresco.

    Mezcalero | Village | Region

    • Jorge Burciaga, Nombre de Dios, Durango, Mexico.

    Age of Agave | Milling | Still

    • 8-14 Years, Manual (axe), Copper.

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