Mezcal Vago - Elote


This Mezcal has a full nose of toasted corn and dry river stones. The body is sweet with tones of wood, honeycomb, green tropical fruit and smoke. The finish is prolonged with notes of mint and papaya.


750ml, 50% alc

  • About Mezcal Vago

    Handcrafted by Snr Aquilino Garcia Lopez. Aquilino’s family has been handcrafting premium Mezcals for more generations than he can remember.


    Mezcal Vago is located in the small village of Candelaria Vegole, an arid region of Oaxaco that sits on the confluence of two rivers.

    The dry environment, coupled with ample fresh water make it an ideal location for premium Mezcal production.

    All Mezcal Vago presentations are approximately 50% alcohol and are individually numbered by Snr Aquilino Garcia Lopez himself.


    Find out more about Mezcal Vago here.


Premier importer of authentic Mexican Tequila, Mezcal & Beer

Liquor Licence Holder: Mexi-Bev (N.Z) Limited

Liquor Licence Number: 069/OFF/21/2018

Expiry Date: 16 October 2022

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