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Old Jenkins Cerveza Liqueur - 500ml

Old Jenkins Cerveza Liqueur - 500ml


During the years of prohibition in the USA, American smugglers arrived in Mexican territory to supply themselves with illegal products or to formulate and make their own distilled beverages, among these smugglers was a man by the name of Jenkins.


Jenkins, being just an apprentice in the field of distilled beverage formulation, confused the recipes for the production of beer and whiskey, being these two are quite similar to a certain extent (the difference between these beverages is that hops are added to beer to enhance the aroma and cause the characteristic bitterness of beer, while whiskey, on the other hand, goes directly to the distillation process), Jenkins added hops to the formula and inadvertently formulated a very special beer which he then subjected to a distillation process, by doing this he not only formulated a beer but brought out the best in it by giving it a distillation process thus creating a magical product that delighted everyone who tried it.


That day Jenkins ruined that whiskey production but this mistake gave birth to the recipe for a treasure that remained hidden until today, the formula for distilled beer.

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