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Scorpion Mezcal Anejo 5 Year

Scorpion Mezcal Anejo 5 Year


This award-winning Scorpion Mezcal® Reserva 5 Year Old is a rare, limited edition mezcal in a French glass decanter with a scorpion in every bottle. This Special Reserve spends 5 years ageing in oak barrels of less than 200 litres. Singel barrel bottlings of our aged products ensure premium quality mezcal.


100% Agave, 750 ml, 40% abv

  • Tasting Notes

    Appearance: Interesting gold / amber colour in the bottle - about the same colour as a bourbon (but not a scotch) of the same age. A honey oak or smokey brown colour.


    First Impression: Brine, phenol, mesquite sap, salt.


    Taste: Brine, herbs de Provence, salt, smoke, oily, almost like duck fat cooked over a smoky wood fire- saltpetre/ nitre, alkali, slick mouth feel, almost paradoxical sweet/bitter and definite viscosity.

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