Scorpion Mezcal Anejo - Estate Grown Tobala Varietal

Scorpion Mezcal Anejo - Estate Grown Tobala Varietal


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This superior quality mezcal takes one to new levels of enjoyment.  This Tobala presentation will break the surly bonds of ordinary mezcals and catapult you to a new frontier in agave spirits.


International Review of Spirits Award: Platinum Medal

  • Tasting Notes

    Tasting Notes:
    Like its Silver sister, this tobala mezcal offers assertive aromas of fresh dill weed and lemongrass, but this time with an enhancing vanilla and caramel oak structure. A second sniff yields kiwi, custard, sandalwood and baking spices in a pretty mélange of aromas. It’s a well-rounded anejo in the mouth, with residual oaky sweetness and smoke combining to elevate the herbal and agave flavours. Tangy cigar notes merge with roasted nuts and a juicy vanilla richness on the finish create a seductive, silky and long lasting conclusion.