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Indianos Blanco

Indianos Blanco


It is sophisticated purity, in its purest and most natural state. Distilled twice using traditional and artisanal methods, bottled immediately after distillation.


About Tequila Indianos

The Tequila Indianos collection should not be missing in the cellar of good hosts who like to share products of extraordinary quality. Above and beyond the extraordinary quality of our collection, these creations celebrate an artistic vision of the peasant to suit personal tastes and tell stories inspired by exceptional personalities from around the world.


Our collection is the forge and interpretation of peasant love and centuries of history in perfect harmony with nature, it represents the essence and spirit of the Mexican artisan, a symbol of ancestry in which past, present and future converge, creating an extraordinary tequila to be shared around the table with feelings of friendship, love and brotherhood.

  • Tasting Notes

    Nose: Aroma of ripe pears and sweet apples.

    Palate: Light in body with a creamy mouthfeel, there are distinct notes of white pepper.

    Finish: The finish dropping a shot over ice with your favorite radler of shandy.

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