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Tradición Chagoya - Huatulco Licor de Cafe

Tradición Chagoya - Huatulco Licor de Cafe


Huatulco Coffee Liquor is made from an equisite mix of oaxacan coffee and mexcal from agave espadin. The two most prized products of Oaxaca - agave and coffee - are fused into one drink, as a result, we have a liquor that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Put it on ice for hot summer days and in a cup of coffee on cold winter nights.

  • Tasting Notes

    SIGHT: Has an intense honey color maple color with a slight lightness that emphasizes among the liquors of its category.

    SMELL: Gives off a delicious smell of coffee that combines with discreet hints of cooked agave.

    TASTE: Starts with a pleasant flavor of coffee, that leaves a sweet sensation on the palate and gives a distinct flavor of mezcal, that can be confirmed with notes of cooked agave that is enjoyed in
    the aftertaste.

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