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Xanath Crèma de Vanilla Liqueur - 750ml

Xanath Crèma de Vanilla Liqueur - 750ml

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Liqueurs of the month - July

Xanath (pronounced "SHA-nath"), was first produced in 1949 by Gaya Capellini, a vanilla bean farmer in Mexico’s Veracruz region, his family still grow the vanilla beans used to make this liqueur.

Don Dominco Gaia (Gaya) Tossi came with the first wave of Italian immigrants to Gutierrez Zamora and, in 1873, established his Casa de Beneficio for the curing, drying and exportation of vanilla beans. Over the next 25 years, the Gaya family built ovens used for the first step of properly drying the beans. In 1945, Orlando Gaya Montini, grandson of Don Dominco, began the production of pure vanilla extract, and in 1949 he opened Vai-Mex, the Gaya vanilla extract plant. That same year he formulated and produced Xanath Crèma de Vainilla.


The matt black glass bottle is striking to look at in an Aztec monument that meets the Totem pole form.

alc./vol: 19%




Appearance: Clear, dark amber, with bronze highlights.

Aroma: Ristretto with vanilla syrup, dark chocolate and drinking chocolate, crème brulee and patisserie.

Taste: Syrupy, ristretto-led palate with chocolate and caramel sauce, with burnt vanilla pod eventually emerging.

Aftertaste: Walnut and burnt caramel, bitter chocolate and lingering cardamom spice - more akin to a coffee liqueur.

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